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Integrating project-based learning into the flipped classroom

Project-based learning is the 2.0 version of the flipped classroom. This blended pedagogy relinquishes any remnant of traditional teaching methods, especially the dreaded worksheet often used for completing an activity or task. Instead, project-based learning allows ESL teachers to provide meaningful lessons because this method creates opportunities for learners to use English in authentic contexts, to boost their inquiry to experiment with the language, and to stimulate their creativity when using language, all the while enjoying their classroom time. As a result of each project's appeal, students are held accountable not by an obligation but by a desire and willingness to participate in the classroom. Thus, this poster presentation provides tips for ESL instructors through a succession of innovative and interactive activities offered by more extensive projects designed for a lesson on idiomatic expressions. The poster illustrates the essence of project-based learning's purpose, which is to create effective and interesting projects, structured as a staircase, while engaging the learner with the target language.


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