Comparing the Gestation Length and Birth Size of Cal Poly Pomona Arabian Foals (2012 vs. 2017)

Environmental and husbandry changes can create stress in horses, these can manifest themselves in illness, poor development and altered gestation. The Cal Poly Pomona campus has undergone a period of change over the past 5 years and 2016-2017 has had an increased amount of precipitation relative to the recent past. The Arabian horse herd and breeding program at Cal Poly Pomona has been maintained since 1925 in agreement with the stipulations of W.K. Kellogg. This study compared the birth size and gestation (length of time between actual and expected birth date) of Cal Poly Arabian foals born in 2012 (n = 9) to those in 2017 (n =14). Actual birth dates were within the same range as those expected in both the 2012 and 2017 foal groups (5.44 days +/- 12.78 days and 5.86 days +/- 10.48 days respectively). Foals born in 2012 were on average 99.48 cm +/- 5.61 cm tall and weighed 57.95 kg +/- 16.00 kg. Foals in 2017 were not significantly different, with an average height of 108.58 cm +/- 8.49 cm and weight of 49.51 kg +/- 16.18 kg. This data suggests that although the Cal Poly Pomona Arabian horses may have experienced some significant changes over the past 5 years, their pregnancy and birth size was not significantly affected.