Image Manipulation with Watermark Protection Technique and Files Sharing On Android Platform

With the increasing growth of multimedia applications and the traffic load explosion on various network environments, the fidelity of media data has become one of the biggest concerns of producers, users and researchers. Digital watermarking is one of the most commonly deployed ways to hide important authentication information in media data. In this thesis, I design and implement a novel mobile application to enhance digital right management of images. The primary functions of the mobile application can be described as follows: It provides a range of functions, from images editing, enhancement, and sharing. It also has an embedded function that provides digital copyright protection using the watermark technique. The motivation for that is to maintain the quality of the secured image. The application (GalleryPlus) basically is a photos gallery that provides the user the ability to browse images from local memory or take new photos and start editing them. After the image has been chosen, it can be secured using the watermark digital copyright function. The application can also check if the provided image is been secured by the same function, and transfer the image to other devices. The implementation is based on Android platform. The main contributions of this thesis is providing a photo gallery with the option of image infringement protection as well as a comprehensive performance evaluation based on the testing results.