In the absence of words

Transcribe a bird's song into musical notation and you have only a shadowed hint of his incantation. His message eludes you altogether. Similarly verbal communication of a visual expression proves futile. The essence of visual art is that it is nonverbal. Written description, therefore, only pacifies any possible need to understand that which may not be understandable. We describe, analyze, categorize in an attempt to grasp what we may never fully grasp; we find only threads that we weave together into a separate reality. To describe my work in formal terms would be to speak of a fascination with repeated rhythmic forms (metaphoric brushstrokes pushing across space), and of the development of velvety, intense, somewhat irridescent color. I could talk about this work as having evolved from modernist tendencies and likewise of its derivation from primitive art forms in its reference to hand wrought ritualistic objects that have about them a quality of "thingness.'' Yet, that description might be nothing more than retrospective rhetoric, a perfunctory activity. Its use would be as a brief stopgap in the yearning to express on the elusive; to appease any possible need to justify the work's existence. In truth, my song is sung in natural expression in a form preordained and received in the subconscious. It is its own message, its own justification.

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