Graduate project

An experimental study on motorcycle exhaust emissions.

Air pollution is a very real problem that is facing the world today. On June 15, 1973, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced plans to lower air pollution levels in California. Part of their plans included a ban of two-cycle motorcycles during the daylight hours from May through October, starting in 1974. Under its legal responsibility to sanitize the air, the EPA has determined that photochemical oxidants (smog) must be reduced by 93 percent. The reason for this proposed ban on two-cycle motorcycles is that the EPA felt that technology does not presently exist to control two-cycle exhaust emissions. The EPA came up with a very quick solution to motorcycle emissions: just eliminate the source. Action of this kind from any governmental agency presents a threat to the freedom of motorcycle users. Members of the motorcycle industry met with the EPA and after much heated debate, the Agency revised its original proposals.

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