A resource guide for training visual perception skills affecting reading

The purpose of this project was to develop a resource guide to aid kindergarten and primary level teachers in helping their students to learn to read. This project is specifically aimed at helping those teachers in the diagnosis and correction of students having problems with visual perception. Visual perception problems can have an adverse affect on children beginning to learn to read. This project is concerned with children's behavior based on the following perceptual difficulties taken primarily from the work of Marianne Frostig: 1) visual-motor perception, 2) figure-ground perception, 3) perceptual constancy, 4) position in space, and 5) spatial relationships Forms of behavior attributable to each deficiency are cited in the guide. Sources of remediation for each area of difficulty were also placed in the guide. This guide was intended to assist teachers of reading in helping children with visual perception problems overcome these problems and develop into proficient readers.