Optimizing Website Design to Enhance Company Visibility

This project was conducted at Neuropore Therapies, Inc. Neuropore is located in San Diego, CA and the business focus is on curing neuro-degenerative diseases, namely Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Project goals included becoming certified with Google Analytics, learning about digital analytics and website design, and determining if Neuropore’s new website was worth their investment. General conclusions from this project are that Neuropore Therapies, Inc. has promising digital analytics results from their new website. Despite shortcomings with the total amount of data, the data points to a significant increase in overall web traffic and visibility of the business. The actual design changes are supported by current literature, and their investment may prove to be more significant in the future. With an improved Google Analytics study that encompasses a full year of data, Neuropore will be better able to ascertain whether their investment has made a significant impact on their online visibility.