Meeting the needs of those who serve Stanislaus County's seniors: 1st annual Stanislaus County caregiver resource fair

With a rise in the senior population comes the rise in the need for caregivers to take care of them as they age. This influx in the demand for caregivers puts pressure on caregivers throughout the Unites States causing a potential risk for caregiver burnout also known as compassion fatigue. This project aimed to meet the needs of caregivers in Stanislaus County by 1) filling the gap in the aging and caregiving community as it pertains to service delivery for caregivers that care for seniors, 2) providing essential stress reducing and self-care information to caregivers, and 3) increasing networking opportunities for caregivers and service providers in Stanislaus County. Eighty-three attendees who were caregivers or members of the Stanislaus County community attended the 1st Annual Stanislaus County Caregiver Resource Fair on April 6th, 2017. A diverse group of 52 vendors tailored to caregivers needs participated at the event. Four seminars with topics tailored to caregivers’ needs were also offered at the event. The outcome survey collected anonymous responses from 18 attendees. The three most highly reported reasons for attending the event were to learn more about resources in general, to learn more about both stress and anxiety reduction for caregivers, and to learn more about stress reduction for caregivers. All but one attendee had their need for attending fulfilled and all reported that they would recommend the event to others.