Creating guest inclusion molecular capsules and self-assembling oligobisvelcraplexes

Advanced materials have innate properties that allow the formation of macromolecular structures that are useful in different applications of nanotechnologies. In this study, we combine molecular recognition, self-assembly, and stimuli responsive molecules to develop two projects constructed with resorcin[4]arene cavitands for the production of advanced functional materials. In the first project, we designed and began the synthesis of a series of covalently bonded molecular capsules 1-3. Employing mixed bridge moieties in the structural design of the molecular capsules, we expect that the capsules will undergo reversible host-guest complexation, with complementary molecules, when an external stimulus is applied. In the second project, we propose the synthesis of van der Waals self-assembling oligomers 4. The self-assembling oligomers will be prepared using synthesized quinoxaline-incorporated 2-methyl resorcin[4]arene cavitands, known as velcrands. In this study we present the synthesis and characterization of 2-methyl resorcin[4]arene based cavitand 13 and 14 intermediates of the target bisvelcrand