Technology and Leadership: Building a Learning Culture to Integrate Technology

This phenomenological study explored the perceptions and experiences of teachers and administrators at Innovation Academy (IA), a K-5 elementary school, as they transformed into a 1:1 technology academy. This study aimed to examine the role of leadership and applied strategies by the two administrators who accomplished a successful technology integration program at IA. Senge’s learning organization theory was utilized as the leadership framework for this study and data was analyzed to either confirm or disconfirm whether there was evidence of the five disciplines—shared vision, mental models, personal mastery, team learning, and systems thinking—and if those disciplines contributed to IA’s success. This research found that there was strong evidence of the disciplines, and it validates Senge's five disciplines as a potential leadership framework that can support administrators in the implementation of technology. through the lens of the theoretical framework, the narrative unfolds to reveal a strong need for administrators to rely upon a leadership framework when implementing technology at the site level. the study concludes with recommendations for future leaders to consider when implementing technology or any other initiative at the site level.


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