From the margins : representations of Africana queer women in visual media

Using content analysis and a combination of manifest and latent coding to decipher meaning from messages found in media, From the Margins: Representations of Africana Queer Women in Visual Media is a qualitative thesis that examines the representation of masculine of center Africana queer women in visual media and answers the research questions: how do films and television series represent masculine of center Africana queer women and how do previous depictions of Africana women and men in film and television influence contemporary representations of MOC Africana queer women? This project focuses on two types of visual mediums from the past twenty years (1994-2014): films and television series. The first chapter introduces the project and discusses the justification for research. The next chapter examines and analyzes prior literature on social constructions, media socialization effects, and representation of populations. The “Methods” chapter outlines the entire research process. The “Results” chapter presents the themes found within the data. The last chapter, “Discussion” exposes prevalent tropes and implications found within the data.