Masters Thesis

Morphological and physiological studies of macroaleuriospore germination of Microsporum gypseum.

The germination of asexual spores of most fungi requires a suitable substrate and a compatible environment. Heat-induced macroaleuriospore germination in Microsporum gypseum has been studied previously by Leighton and Stock (1968). They mentioned that the preincubation of macro- aleuriospores at 37 C was necessary for obtaining 85 to 90% germination of spores with or without the presence of exogenous nutrients. They were unable to obtain above 50/£ germination of spores under normal nutritional conditions at temperatures below 33 C. On the basis of these observations, a series of physiological and biochemical studies was con- ducted by these authors. They found that the germination process was initiated by 2 hours and was completed by 7 hours in physiological saline at 37 C. They concluded that the involvement of a protease was the event essential for germination.