The integration of visual arts and literacy in the elementary school classroom

The arts have been an area of the elementary curriculum commonly eliminated from the everyday routine due to pressures of the implementation of NCLB. Because of the dwindling time spent on the arts, many students are not given the opportunity to learn through the methods that best meet their needs. This project discussed the brain research of Jensen and multiple intelligences by Gardner, that support the use of arts in schools. From meeting the needs of learning styles by presenting information in a multitude of ways through arts, to the benefits of the inclusion of arts on the brain, the integration of the arts was demonstrated by the researchers as effective and necessary. The purpose of this project was to illustrate the necessity for the inclusion of the visual arts in the elementary school classroom. This project provided elementary teachers with lessons for weaving the arts into the everyday literacy curriculum. Areas such as Art Basics, Art and Fiction, Art and Nonfiction, Art and Comprehension, and Art as a Response to Literature, were sections found in this project to assist teachers with integrating visual arts and literacy.