Graduate project

Organization and administration of a work-study program for deaf-blind adolescents

This paper was designed to serve as a manual for the general organization and administration of a deaf-blind work-study program. It includes a step-by-step procedure that is adapt able for most programs serving the deaf-blind. Neither specific curriculum nor job analysis has been included because they are available commercially. The primary tenets for establishing a work-study program are spelled out in Public Law 90-230 and Public Law 94-142, which states that handicapped children s hall be educated with the goal of accomplishing an effective transfer from the educational setting t o t he social and economic structures of the community. A work-study program can be very valuable in reaching this goal. A major problem with most work-study programs for the handicapped is the stress placed on specific work skills. The program presented in this paper instead stresses the following objectives to acquire skills that will lead to the more important goal of maximum independence: 1. Self-awareness. 2. Appropriate interaction with others. 3. Emotional security and stability. 4. Appropriate health and hygiene practices. 5. Communication skills. 6. Orientation and mobility skills. 7. Work skills. 8. Leisure time skills.

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