Womenhood: challenges and choices a handbook for adolescent girls

Adolescent girls today are required to examine an unlimited range of options and possibilities open to them. Because girls are not socialized to be independent and decisive, the burden of making choices can be overwhelming. Adolescent girls need assistance and encouragement in dealing with decisions and conflicts. This project is a preliminary attempt to develop a handbook expressly for adolescent girls. The goal of the handbook is to motivate and inspire girls to: (1) actively plan their lives, (2) develop decision-making ability, (3) develop self-esteem, and (4) encourage high aspirations in career satisfaction and successful personal, intimate relationships. The handbook incorporates several components. Chapter I presents the future world of work and career options. Chapter II discusses self-knowledge and development of self-esteem. Female sexuality, marriage and motherhood are discussed in Chapter III. It is the belief of the author that all of these components must be discussed when presenting career education material. Recent studies indicate that women who have little confidence in their ability have more difficulty in coming to grips with the conflict of home and career. Also, many young women are confused about the demands of these roles. The handbook assists young women with these factors and conflicts. Two guidance counselors and a minister involved in family counseling reviewed the handbook. All stressed t.he importance of using the handbook as a stimulus for group discussion. They believed it basically could be a tool for assisting young women with their futures.