A Pilot Study: Stress in Emergency Department Nurses and Effect on Quality of Life

Abstract of A Pilot Study: Stress in Emergency Department Nurses And Effect on Quality of Life by Mary Theresa Steinhoff Statement of Problem Emergency nurses experience a large amount of stress as they are exposed to stressful events and unpredictable work conditions. Stress has been shown to cause physical ailments and psychological problems such as burnout and compassion fatigue. No prior published studies have examined the relationship between stress in emergency department nurses and effect on quality of life. Sources of Data Data was collected from a sample of emergency nurses from a large urban medical center in North County, San Diego. The nurses completed a paper survey that included demographic data, the Emergency Nurse Stress Questionnaire which was modified from the Police Stress Questionnaire, and The Professional Quality of Life Scale Version V. Conclusions Reached This study showed no statistical significance between stress and quality of life in this group of emergency department nurses.