A Comparative Analysis of Human Resources Recruitment Software Use Across 13 California State Universities (CSU's)

This study examines how Human Resources (HR) software is used in hiring at California State Universities (CSU’s). The purpose of this study is to conduct a qualitative analysis surveying HR personnel across the CSU’s to investigate opinions and behaviors regarding their department’s current HR software, as well as how efficient HR software are at assisting personnel during recruitment. The design of this study consisted of qualitative methods by creating an online survey and distributing it to personnel across 16 CSU’s. My dependent variable is efficiency in the recruitment process as measured by the time it takes to recruit new personnel, and my independent variables are how comfortable personnel are with using their department’s HR software of choice, whether personnel have received training on their software, how frequently personnel uses their software, and positiveness of sentiments about their HR software. I am evaluating the following: If software has adequately addressed the needs of recruitment personnel, then those departments which have a faster recruitment process will be those which are more expertly utilizing their software. What I found from this research was that there are significant positive correlations between how fast HR departments hire and their responses to survey questions which were intended to discover the extent to which they are utilizing their software. In response to positivity of sentiments, some individuals had negative comments about HR software such as inefficiencies, and an increase in workload due to the increase of applicants. There were more positive responses than negative responses, however there were no statistically significant correlations between time to hire and positivity of sentiments. What we can learn from these data are that individuals who have received training have higher usage, and those who are more comfortable with their HR software complete the hiring process faster than individuals who reported less training, comfort, and usage.