Graduate project

Rehabilitation aspects of postvocational deafness

This study focused on the rehabilitation aspects of the post vocational deaf person. Post vocational deafness was defined as being deafness that occurred at or after the age of 19. An age at which secondary education has been completed or terminated. And at a time when an individual is normally preparing for or has entered a vocation. The study was limited to the rehabilitation aspects in terms of services. The communication and psychological implications were discussed, but this discussion was limited, Data were collected on the methods of communication, but no data were collected on the psychological factors. Seven assumptions were made and a questionnaire was developed which was divided into four sections which dealt with history of the hearing loss, rehabilitation services received, and occupational history. Packets containing the questionnaires were sent to the Rehabilitation Counselors for Deaf Clients in the State of California with a request that they distribute the questionnaire to clients or individuals known to them that met the definition of post vocational deafness as used in this study, and to two religious organizations that provide services to deaf persons. Specific problems in the method of distribution are discussed. The participants' responses to the questionnaire and a summary of the results are contained in the body of the study, Conclusions and recommendations are made pertaining to inter-agency communication and rehabilitation services.

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