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Prosodic movement

A basic assumption in generative grammar is that all movement is syntactic. This paper proposes that hyperbaton in Classical Greek, Latin and Colloquial Russian involves post-syntactic movement of prosodic constituents to prosodic edges (for a full treatment of Classical Greek, see Agbayani and Golston 2010). We are led to this conclusion by two major observations about hyperbaton: it moves prosodic constituents (ω and φ) while ignoring syntactic constituency, and it respects prosodic constraints such as the Obligatory Contour Principle (OCP) while ignoring syntactic constraints like the Coordinate Structure Constraint (CSC) or the Left Branch Condition (LBC). We propose that this is just what we should find with prosodic movement: sensitivity to prosodic constituency and prosodic constraints and insensitivity to syntactic constituents and syntactic constraints.