Masters Thesis

Policy analysis on Title III of the Older Americans Act Elderly Nutrition Program

In 1965, the Older American Act was the first federal legislation which aimed to provide a variety of services to seniors ages 60 and above (Administration on Aging, 2006). As a part of this legislation, the National Aging Network (which includes the Federal Administration on Aging as well as the state and local Departments of Aging) many programs were created in accordance with federal mandates. These programs included supportive services, nutrition and meals services, disease prevention and health promotion, and The National Family Caregiver Support Program (Hudson, 2002). The government also gave grants to support these programs. The Older American Act alone has helped millions of seniors live a higher quality, independent, and dignified life both at home and in the community. The ongoing growth of the older population in the U.S. has put a focal point on the Nutrition Services Program (NSP). While some seniors are getting help with nutritional and meal services, there are still millions of seniors that lack access to food that promotes good health and prevents disability. A solution to this problem includes formulating an equitable solution of funds and access to these services that will expand the quality of life.

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