Capstone project

Reciprocating steam engine

This document describes and gives the specifications for the design project on the reciprocating engine. The document begins with the initial concepts for the project and then goes on to describe the concepts leading up to the final design of using an engine to power a variety of applications. The initial concepts include identifying how the engine will be used and therefore the requirements that it must meat in order to be useful. These requirements are then assessed and the design process is begun to meet these requirements. The design process goes through the functions of the project that will lead to the final design and analysis of the engine and the related systems which are needed to supply power to the engine and to demonstrate the engines power. The functions are evaluated and concepts for accomplishing these functions were created. These concepts are compared and the end result is a final design concept for the engine and its supporting systems. This final concept is what is analyzed and evaluated to make sure it can accomplish the initial requirements. The final design for the project will be a reciprocating engine, with a two cylinder, v-type engine design. The engine will be designed to have enough power to run some type of cart. The engine will also and have support systems including a steam generation system or a compressed air system, that will provide enough power to the engine so that it can run. The goal of this document is to convey the specifications for this final design and the process leading up to the design of the engine.