Career education : an independent study project for gifted children

Gifted children have a genuine need to be aware of the multitude of career opportunities awaiting them. In addition, with the large expanse of careers available today and the large expanse of careers which will be available in the future, young children need to be exposed to a variety of career options. This thesis describes a career education project conducted with one classroom of thirty-two fifth and sixth grade children. The purpose of the project was to answer three questions. The first question. asked whether or not it was possible for a class of fifth and sixth grade children to design, operate and evaluate a career education program based on independent study. The other two questions compared the learning style preference and career choices of the gifted and non-gifted children involved with the project. Chapter One introduces the problem and Chapter Two reviews the current literature in the areas of characteristics and identification of gifted children, types of projects recommended for gifted children, career education and independent study. The design of the study, including the two parts of the career education project, are presented in Chapter Three. Chapter Four presents and analyzes the data collected in the study. Finally, the summary and discussion of Chapter Five finds the career education project possible to conduct with a class of fifth and sixth grade students. The results also showed a slight difference in career choices between gifted and non-gifted children with independent study as a learning style preferred by both groups.