Stratgic Plans: How to reduce homelessness in LA County

Abstract Strategic Plans: How to Reduce Homelessness in Los Angeles County By Adams Fei Master of Public Administration, Public Sector Management and Leadership Homelessness is a global issue and some of the wealthiest cities are overwhelmed with extreme poverty. There are approximately 47 thousand homeless people who are living on the streets or in shelters in Los Angeles County. The metropolitan area in downtown Los Angeles has the highest population of homelessness in the Los Angeles County (Kriegler, Berk, 2010). Most of homeless population suffers from physical and mental disorders (Piliavin, Sosin, Westerfelt, Matsueda, 1993). Some of them become homeless due to personal history such as immigration status or former prisons. In 2018, the average sale price of a Los Angeles County home is around $585,000, which prevents an individual or family from affording a home. Also when there is a lack of employment opportunities stability is challenged, which leads to people losing their homes. These facts alone represents the visible need to address the growing rate homelessness. All levels of government should allocate funds and collaborate on how to reduce homelessness in LA County by developing a strategic plan.