Critique of literature on play therapy

Literature in the area of play therapy was surveyed, summar1zed, and organized. The historical approach was used in the collection of data for this study. Materials were gathered through library services and therapists in the field. The material found was divided into theory, approach, and research. Theory and approach were organized into Chapter II. Material on research was organized into Chapter Ill. After an extensive search of the literature, it was found that material was scattered throughout books and journals. Much of the literature dealt with either theory or practice or both, but did not include research. If research was presented, it was often not accompanied by theory. This study provides a summary of the theory behind each of the major psychodynamic approaches, and discusses the theory and approach of the major theorists published in each area. A thorough review and summary of the research found relating to the major theories is presented. A summary and conclusions, including research needs on outcome and process, are included in Chapter IV. An extensive bibliography is presented at the end to aide the professional , the student, and the researcher in using this study as an important reference source.