Intelligent CAI for dynamic variables and linked lists

This document presents an Intelligent CAl package for Dynamic Variables and Linked Lists as used in the PASCAL programming language. It is also an exploration of the meaning and scope of ICAI. The report takes a look at ICAI, considering both its present and future possibilities. The project was implemented on the CDC PLATO system and runs on that system under the lesson name “Paspoint.” Written in the TUTOR language, the program provides instruction in the given subject matter, allows the user to move at his or her own pace, permits flexibility and a great deal of interaction, uses extensive graphics, allows for variable responses in the user's own words and provides an analysis of the user's comprehension of the materials. There is a technical examination into the workings of the program and then a look at the way a user would view it through screen prints. Finially, there is an informal assessment of the program covering posssible applications, problems encountered• and future enhancements.

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