Domesticisms: a hybrid collection of poetry and prose

This collection consists of eighteen pieces of independent, stand-alone writing, that, when joined together, form a larger, cohesive narrative. The larger link between the pieces is thematic, as they explore, among other things, domesticity and motherhood from American contemporary perspectives, looking at how these socially constructed positions contribute to our identity performance(s). I recognize that there is no essential experience to be articulated here: my work explores potentialities, rather than absolutes. I gather multiple positions and multiple aesthetics, all seeking to explore the potentiality for pluralistic female experiences as they relate to familial, societal, and internal pressures. This collection also seeks to be, as a whole, an interrogation and exploration about evolutionary potential. It seeks to expose the anxieties women face as a result of the multiplicity of choices they are offered and the paranoia and shame they must overcome as a result of the potential for making "incorrect" choices. The work presented here seeks to uncover the latent possibility of the collective experiences that can occur when limitations-social and individual-are lifted away.