Graduate project

Planning the classroom for educational media in a school for the deaf

Introduction. Captioned Films for the Deaf of the U.S. Office of Education has taken great steps forward in stimulating educational leadership to study and use multi-media approaches in the teaching of hearing impaired children. In fact, the name "Captioned Films for the Deaf"does not do the organization justice, as it certainly deals with much more than just captioned films. Indeed, this organization has grown so rapidly that it has not had time to change its own name. The New Mexico Foundation Inc., has been instrumental in aiding schools for the deaf initiate instructional media programs by distributing audio-visual equipment and materials and conducting workshops. The Foundation employs instructional media specialists to work with teachers in several schools to help them implement their programs with new media. Research by professionals in the field of education of the deaf is now being done in the area of instructional media in addition to the abundance of professional literature on the subject now being written. Much attention is being given to this area because we have become aware of the "language of vision" and the fact that we live in an almost completely word-oriented society. We are also ware that we have not given adequate attention to the various modes of visual communication in the past.

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