Masters Thesis

Combating intimate partner violence against African American women: an analysis of the problem and program recommendations

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is infinite problem throughout the world. Women more so than men endure brutal assault by the men they love, trust and depend on. With regard to race in research of Intimate Partner Violence, African American women are under represented. Although findings suggest that African American women suffer higher rates of intimate partner violence over Caucasian women, African American women are more prone to the risk of violence than Caucasian Women due to many factors. Research fails to present the true extent of this serious threat and the leading factors such as poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, no education, no outreach programs and societal stress that allows IPV to run rampant in the African American Communities. Much more research is needed to reveal the depth of African American women experiences with intimate partner violence. IPV is a threatening problem that passes down to generation to generation. Beating women is an acceptable practice in the African American community that is over looked by many. African American women believe that they are powerless and thus do not seek help do to many reasons; racism lack of trust, undeserving, have low self esteem, are feeble, come from poor communities, have low or no education, and intergenerational effect, and shame. Although it is a crime to intentionally cause harm to another individual, African American women suffer needlessly by the hands of men they love. Society, the African American community, and the family fail to conceive that women of color are in danger from violent men by turning from the truth that IPV is a real threat. To remedy IPV, perpetrators ought to be accountable for their crimes against women by applying harsher punishment. Much more research is indeed a need to address the indisputable factors in regards to the different factors in the African American Communities that cause IPV and to reveal the true extent of IPV against African American Women.

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