The effects of whole group reading instruction versus small group reading instruction on the reading comprehension of English language learners

This study examined the effects ofwhole group reading instruction and small group reading instruction to determine which reading group will benefit ELLs in improving reading comprehension growth as they acquire English simultaneously and are taught the same content objectives as English speaking students. The study was conducted over four weeks in a first grade Structured English Immersion classrooms with nine ELLs as the selected participants. Participants were coached and guided in whole group and small group reading instruction for a time period offour weeks. The result ofthe study show that participants reading comprehension skills improved in small group reading instruction. Small group reading instruction benefited ELLs with the following: it improved the quality of student interactions, it helped individualized instruction, it promoted a positive learning environment, it motivated student to learn, and it served as an additional support to aid ELLs in reading. KEYWORDS; Small group reading instruction, Whole group reading instruction, ELLs, Structured English Immersion