The structure of intellect model : an investigation of its usefulness in language instruction

The Structure of Intellect model, developed by J. P. Guilford and enhanced by the work of M. N. Meeker, presents a new concept of intelligence. Through Meeker's work with the Structure of Intellect (SOI) model there exists the potential for employing the model in the schools as an aid in classroom instruction: for diagnosis, for the basis of structuring individual lessons, and for remediation. This paper is a preliminary investigation of the diagnostic and prescriptive potential of the SOI model. Two classes of eighth grade students were used as subjects. One class, randomly selected, received supplemental exercises based on SOI abilities. It was hypothesized that this class, the experimental group, would achieve higher in language areas as measured by the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills subtests in Reading Vocabulary, Spelling, and Language Mechanics than the group whose language instruction did not include exercises designed to strengthen SOI abilities. At the end of a 12-week period, a post-test was administered and scores for the two groups were compared using independent t. No significant difference was found between scores for the two groups at the .05 level.