Social Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on a Young Adult

Purpose: The proposed research addressed the insufficiency of information regarding the social impact of a cancer diagnosis on a young adult. The focus of this study was to identify the social effects/if any of a cancer diagnoses on a young adult in hopes to shed light on unmet needs this population might face due to the lack of age specific information and resources. Participants consisted of 50 young adults between the ages of 18-35 who had faced or were currently facing a cancer diagnosis. Data was collected by providing the participants with a 15-question survey to measure how social they considered themselves pre and post cancer. The survey highlighted First Descents, a cancer related adventure social group to measure if it created an impact on a cancer patient/survivor’s social activities. The research design was meant to bring awareness to the non-physical impacts of a cancer diagnoses in order to increase post cancer diagnosis/ treatment services to assist in long term survivorship.