Families Undergoing Economic Burden

Families throughout the income spectrum experienced economic strain during the 2007 Recession. This then resulted in stress and worry regarding financial stability needed to in order to meet their basic needs. The Stress Process Model was used to guide the research on how the social climate affects families, not only financially but also emotionally and physically. Purpose: This study aimed to examine how families respond to financial instability and economic pressures during the time of the recession. Method: This study utilizes data from "Familial Responses to Financial Instability and How the Family Responds to Economic Pressure: A Comparative Study, 2009 (United States)" in order to address this studies research question. The research question is, "How do families facing economic burden respond to financial hardships?" The data collected in these surveys were completed by 1,169 respondents. Results: The study identified that although the respondent's expenditures remained the same, nearly 66% of respondents stated they were getting by with their family's income with great difficulty and nearly 69% often worried about their family's income. Discussion: In identifying how economic stressors affect individuals throughout the income spectrum, social workers can provide these families with resources that will assist with managing those hardships. It is important to understand the role social climate has on families' economic stability.