Masters Thesis

Program proposal to prevent bullying in schools

The purpose of this research study is to design a program proposal to address bullying in schools. Bullying issues are no longer viewed as isolated events that only occur at school, nor is bullying considered to be an experience that is simply a part of childhood. Bullying has now, overtime, come to be viewed as a serious public problem not only for children at school but also for all people of all ages. In recent years, bullying has attributed to various widely publicized tragedies such as: suicides, murders, and school shootings. The long and short term effects of bullying include: chronic emotional problems, absences at school and work, academic problems, PTSD, anxiety, and increased risk for substance abuse, and increased risk for adolescence and adulthood violence. Bullying does not only affect the victim and the perpetrator, it affects an entire community. There are many reasons why people bullying and previous studies have suggested that one main reason why an individual exhibits aggressive behaviors is due to a lack of social skills. Since bullying issues have become so prevalent within our schools, it is imperative that schools provide a safe environment for all students and implementing social skill programs are effective strategies at reducing bullying problems among students. When bullying behaviors are addressed school attendance improves, school crimes are reduced, and students overall feel more safe.


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