Professional development that prepares administrators to lead organizational change

Narrowing the achievement gap between Latino and African American students and their White and Asian peers is the moral imperative of every district and school administrator. If this; moral imperative is to be realized, administrators must combine a deep commitment with means of enacting the commitment (Reeves, 2011). Currently, litde research exists on administrator professional development in the United States that challenges belief systems and causes changc in administrator practice. The purpose of this program evaluation was to investigate how the Reimention Leadership Series (RLS) effects change in administrator beliefs aid; practices that lead to changes in organizational systems that narrow the achievement gap. Using a convergent parallel mixed method design, both quantitative and qualitative data were collected from experimental and control groups then merged to determine obtainment o f proximal outcomes. Findings indicate that RLS strengthened administrator beliefs that all students can succeed and that school and district culture play a major role in narrowing the achievement gap. Results also revealed that RLS was effective at providing specific frameworks, protocols, and tools that increased administrator’s focus on practices that are purposeful and directed toward equitable teaching and learning practices that would lead to improvement. Lastly, the data showed that RLS strengthened administrator beliefs about the importance of productive dialogue and debate: for improving their own practice and the practice of others.