Graduate project

A guide for planning television programming for deaf audiences

This paper discusses the availability of television production time and techniques of doing programming specifically for deaf audiences. With the increasing interest in serving the needs of deaf television viewers, there is a need for people to be involved with the actual production of television programs. There are many technical difficulties and considerations that must be kept in mind when planning this type of program. The unskilled novice can do a professional looking program by becoming known to the technical people at a station and enlisting their help in planning the program. There are basically four types of programs presently being done in the United States today. These are: news programs using various formats, education or community awareness, entertainment, and specials. These are not clear- cut categories, as there is much overlapping from one into another. The final section deals with the many resources that may be used when planning a program, Resources are people, audiovisual materials, or ideas from other programs. The particular resource depends on the type of program intended.