Descriptive characteristics of gay men's propensity to change their sexual behavior

This thesis examined the correlation between demographic predictors and variables based on changes in sexual behavior. Subjects were 143 gay men who participated in a "safe sex" seminar given by the Shanti Project in Los Angeles. Participants filled out a questionnaire, developed to evaluate the seminar program. Only parts of the questionnaire were used for this study. Men filled out the questionnaire twice: at the time of the seminar and three months later. Four categories were developed to describe changes in sexual behavior from pre-test to post-test. "Safe" was used to represent changes in sexual behavior in the direction of safety while "Unsafe" was used for changes not in the direction of safety. Six significant correlations were found, the strongest being whether or not men were in a relationship during test times. Few significant new changes in sexual behavior were found although all participants said that before the study they had changed their behavior to reduce AIDS. Impact of current educational methods to reduce the risk of AIDS were discussed.