Emotional Labor and SexCreating Relational Equality to Address Infidelity: A Workshop and Process Group

Gender inequality is a pervasive social construct that impacts everyone within society. Couples who experience infidelity are not exempt from this and infidelity may act as a mechanism to address gender inequality. By identifying signifiers of gender inequality, therapeutic treatment may also help alleviate distress and causes of infidelity within a relationship. The purpose of this project is to provide a psycho-educational workshop and one-time process group to identify and alter unhelpful mechanisms of gender inequality within heterosexual couples experiencing infidelity. A Power Point slide presentation and a contextual genogram activity will provide the psycho-educational portion while the process group will allow for participants to examine information from the psycho-educational workshop as it applies to their relationship and identify with other couples who may be experiencing the same issues. The workshop slides, activities, and process group format provided in this project are geared towards dismantling gender inequality as it relates to infidelity within heterosexual couples.