Investing in E-Government Services in Local Government Agencies to Increase Citizens Engagement through Technology

This study investigates the issues of effectiveness of electronic government (e-government) in public sector organizations specifically targeting local government agencies. Evaluating new technology is an important topic in the field of public administration. E-government begins at all levels of government, but it is at the local level where public sector organizations are experiencing the most challenges. The two-phase research study will evaluate the applicants' experience when applying online for public benefits, frontline workers experience when identifying bottlenecks in the approval or denial phase for public benefits, and the regulatory process to investigate e-government policies that local governments are using to optimize techniques when implementing e-government services for stakeholders. The surveys will review current e-government strategies to enhance new technologies for effective public services when participants apply for public benefits online. Findings show there are implications for public administrators who develop e-government services due to the lack of privacy of public information and citizen participation. Government agencies must develop strategies for top-level managers to monitor the effectiveness of using E-government services to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

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