Graduate project

Integrating Technology Into The K-2 Curriculum Professional Development

Integrating technology into the curriculum can be challenging, particularly for educators who teach the lower K-2nd grades. Educators must understand what Digital Literacies are and understand the technological pedagogies to integrate into their curriculum effectively. In order to start an effective technology integration, I found that educators must have purposeful and relevant professional development throughout the year. Also, educators need to have an understanding of what the best practices are for integrating technology. Lastly, educators need to have an understanding of the best practices in supporting the students’ literacy development. At my school site, the K-2nd grade educators expressed that they were struggling with how to begin the process of integrating technology. The purpose of this project is to provide K-2nd educators a Digital Literacies professional development in which they will develop a better understanding of how to integrate technology into their curriculum. This project will contribute to the educator’s knowledge of the changes that are occurring in literacy.