B_Healthy AI System Improving Accessibility of Personalized Nutrition Care

B_Healthy Application is an expert system designed to help clients improve their eating habits, meet their nutritional needs, and increase nutrition care availability by digitalizing basic screening questions that do not require one-on-one interaction with a dietitian. The intention is to allow everybody to have access to the expert dietitian system and remove common barriers for nutrition care. Similar applications have been developed to screen for certain health or dietary problems. However, none have been created to encompass the initial work of a dietitian, screen for common nutrition related issues, provide recommendations, and generate graphs of the results. XAMPP was used to amalgamate Apache server, mySQL, and ProFTPD. It also interprets PhpStorm code which uses Laravel as an application framework that includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Power BI was utilized to generate a visual representation of the data provided by the client. This allows for trends to be documented in graph form which is easily read by both the dietitian and the client. Having readily available access to evidence-based nutrition information is important for improving the health and well-being of our communities. Money should not be a barrier for people to live a healthy life. In the future, machine learning techniques by AWS Sagemaker will be applied to the expert system to provide projected outcomes based on current eating patterns. This will allow the client to see a graph of where their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. could be if they do not change their current eating behaviors.