College students' perceptions, experiences, and attitudes towards stalking and cyberstalking

There is no single universal definition of the terms stalking and cyberstalking as these terms vary in legal, social and academic meaning. This study aims to determine which behaviors are most commonly considered stalking and cyberstalking, based on subjective opinion. Participants of this study (N=94) were provided with common stalking and cyberstalking behaviors and were able to select and write in behaviors they considered stalking and cyberstalking definitions. Furthermore, this study examines how many participants believe they have been victims of stalking and or cyberstalking. This rate was then compared to university reported stalking 2017 victimization rates of the university where the study took place, as well as other similarly sized universities. The results indicate that stalking victimization reported by Sacramento State and similarly sized universities are alarmingly low, which may indicate under reporting. Overall, this study suggests the spreading of awareness of stalking and advocacy and support of stalking victims from college campuses.