Increasing Parent Involvement

This study focused in creating curriculum based workshops in order to guide parents on how to help their child at home effectively resulting in a higher parental involvement. In this study, the use of curriculum based workshops was used as a mean to reach the purpose of this study. This case study used qualitative methods to investigating the research questions: How can you go about providing parent support to help their children experience an increase academic achievement? How can you use the students to get the parents to participate? What resources are available for parents in order for them to be successful in helping their children and achieve their academic goals and with school work? Data was collected fields notes during the workshops, surveys and interviews. A pre and post evaluation survey was given to the participants. This survey asked the parents to place a check mark on their level or description of involvement type on different areas and curriculum. Also, three parent volunteers were asked to be interviewed, as part of the protocol for the purpose of finding out more detail information about the participants before and after the initiation of the workshops. Finally, at the end of every workshop, a workshop evaluation surveys was given to the parents asked them to rate the quality of the workshop, the usefulness of it, and other topics or areas of interest which needed to be addressed. The findings in this study indicate that the quality of parent involvement affect the academic performance of the students. Also, through this study parental involvement increased, personal contact and communication among parents and teachers took place, a positive environment for both students and parents was created and it strengthened parent –teacher relationships.