Masters Thesis

A history of the organizations at Graterford prison

This research focused on whether all prisons are crucibles for criminal activity; specifically, the maximum security state prison in Graterford, Pennsylvania. The popular myths of people in prison have marred much of the works performed by organizations led by incarcerated people within Graterford. Most of the research employed organizational documents such as By-Laws, Yearly Plans of Action, a Dossier, and historical accounts written by founding members of the organizations studied. Additionally, related government reports and newspaper articles were incorporated in the research process. Works written by Sociologists and Criminologists were sources of references utilized for the structure of the thesis, content, and provided a framework for the conclusions presented by the research. Finally, the popular myths of incarcerated people were challenged by the history of the organizations at Graterford, including the notion of all prisons being crucibles for criminal activity