Graduate social work students' views and attitudes of domestic violence

Domestic violence affects families as a whole and is wide spread across the world. At any given moment a social worker can come into contact with a victim of domestic violence. Many social workers do work with victims on a daily basis. This is why it is so important that students in graduate MSW programs are exposed to domestic violence knowledge and trainings. The purpose of the study is to examine graduate social work students’ perceptions and attitudes about domestic violence. The findings clearly show that students still have a tendency to believe the many myths of domestic violence. The participants (n= 48) were given an electronic survey that they completed in privacy and at their convenience. The program participants consisted of students who were in their first, second, and third year of obtaining their Masters degree in Social Work. The findings suggest that more exposure to educational content on domestic violence while the students are in school would only serve to prepare social workers better. The researcher discusses the way that more exposure can be offered in the curriculum, field, and post graduate work.