Applied fitness training: a practical approach to learning and instructing kinesiology

Applied Fitness Training (KIN336/L) is a course that has been formally offered since its development in 2013 to Kinesiology undergraduate students through the California State University, Northridge Kinesiology department. Classified as a core requisite for Kinesiology students with an emphasis in Applied Fitness and labeled as an elective for Exercise Science majors, this course is ideal for students interested in employment in fitness centers, community fitness and wellness agencies, fitness assessment labs, and within the public health arena. This course is designed to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze movement and to conduct and administer physical fitness programs. Theory and application of exercise program design and instruction to both individuals and groups within the general population are discussed in great detail in this course. Therefore a variety of textbooks, research studies, and other training resources are utilized to provide the student with a comprehensive approach to understanding fitness assessments, exercise training, program design, and various communication techniques necessary for building a successful career and/or experience in personal training. Thus, this text was designed to serve as a single source that provides a summarized version of essential theories and applications that are considered fundamental to personal training. In addition, students gain field experience though practical application in leadership of a semester-long staff/faculty wellness program conducted during lab.