A workshop series for Latino/a parents of first-generation students in California

The aim of this project is to assist Professional High School Counselors (PSC) with their interactions with first-generation Latino immigrant students. The focus of this project is to help PSC detect signs of homesickness and trauma that occur when migrating to a new country. There will also be a focus on refugee trauma and resources and tools for PSC to use as intervention with students. When students experience homesickness, trauma, and detachment they can experience symptoms such as depression or anxiety that new arrival students experience as they enter a new school environment. When immigrants experience homesickness this results in negative consequences in school such as less learning and assimilation. Once children or adults migrate to a new country it is important to acquire assistance to properly assimilate during the transition period because many experience difficulties and hardships. The purpose of this project is to bring PSC awareness on how to assist and build a safe environment for first-generation Latino immigrant students as well as using preventative methods to avoid any hardships such as dropping out from school. The assistance from educators will determine the success or failure of first-generation Latino immigrant students in their new environment.