Through Gogol's Satirical eye : a selective production history of The inspector general

Through Gogol’s Satirical Eye examines in detail four productions of The Inspector General. The productions include the premiere of Gogol’s play in 1836, Meyerhold’s 1926 production, Evreinov’s satire on the play and directors of the time, and Peter Sellars’s 1980 production. I discuss how the play’s farcical elements are contrasted with the social satire of Gogol’s work and how this contrast created the controversies surrounding these productions. Study of this contrast helps in looking at what adaptation and interpretation provide for a specific community, and in assessing the success and failure of the play when each of the dual layers of farce and satire is limited. This duality has helped to spawn far-reaching global translations and adaptations, not only on the stage but in film, opera, and television.