Identifying the Moral Transformative Beliefs and Actions of a Successful Principal that Positively Influenced a School Culture

The purpose of this study was to identify the moral transformative actions and beliefs of a successful principal that positively influenced a school culture in a high needs middle school. The following research questions helped frame the purpose of the study. These research questions assisted in fully exploring the topic of moral transformative leadership and the relationship to school culture: (1) What moral transformative beliefs of a successful principal influenced a positive school culture? and (2) What key leadership practices of a moral transformative principal influence a positive school culture? For this study, the method selected was a qualitative case study. The researcher analyzed data to determine if there were patterns or trends in answer to the research questions. A culture survey, interviews, and focus groups were also conducted in order to identify patterns or trends. This research is important for any administrator or teacher who is interested in leading a high needs middle school, while positively influencing the school culture. In particular, the leaders who will benefit the most from this research are middle school leaders who want to move a school forward and improve the belief system and rituals of the current staff, in order to improve the academic and behavioral success of all of their students. This study will add to existing literature regarding moral transformative leadership.