Building literacy through interactive writing: an instructor's manual

Interactive writing demonstrates concepts of print, early strategies, and how words work. This type of writing is used to assist children with their understanding the processes in reading and writing. Interactive writing integrates demonstrations of writing and modeling of the writing process that can assist children to progress in their own writing. Through the use of interactive writing, instructors are able to create an encouraging environment for writing. This project is being developed in order to enhance the language arts programs that are adopted by districts and to enable teachers to easily use the interactive writing techniques. This graduate project consists of an instructor's manual for kindergarten teachers utilizing the interactive writing method. The project offers information and research gathered on the topic of interactive writing and the effects interactive writing has on literacy. The literature review details and investigates classrooms that contain some type of interactive writing experience. The literature has shown that interactive writing can offer many lasting benefits for young writers. Emergent writing in a classroom provides support for reading and writing skills. Although many authors have designed instructor's manuals for interactive writing, there is no available resource specifically designed for kindergarten and early primary grades. While the materials that are currently available offer a sample of interactive writing activities this manual will provide teachers with all of the tools necessary to teach using interactive writing in a kindergarten or early primary classroom. The overriding sections include: Writing Together Means ..., Preparing the Classroom for Interactive Writing, Routines, Assessment, Composing and Constructing Text, Parents, Teacher Tools, and A Balanced Literacy Program. Each section scaffolds the next ultimately integrating all of the components necessary to begin using interactive writing in the kindergarten classroom.