Family treatment with families of mentally retarded children : an annotated bibliography

The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to provide a resource/reference guide to professionals working with families with mentally retarded children. In the acceptable literature the children were diagnosed as being mentally retarded. The children were being raised at home, by their parents, and not in an institution. The children ranged in age from birth through the teenage years. This bibliography contains material obtained from journal articles, books, chapters from books, and papers presented at conferences. In order to keep the information current and pertinent, the research material has been limited to the past six years, i.e., since 1980. The annotations are provided with the thought that they will benefit the therapist whose clients include mentally retarded persons and/or their families. The mentally retarded clients are living at home with parents or siblings. The annotations are divided into three sections 1) Family & Group Therapy, 2) Early Intervention & Play Therapy, and 3) Sibling Research.